1. Minutes of State Board of Wildlife-U.P. recommending conditional clearance to waterway through the Turtle Sanctuary, Varanasi, May, 2016 Download 

  2. Environmental Impact Assessment of the Jal Marg Vikas Project by IWAI, as a requirement for World Bank Loan, May, 2016 Download Zip Folder  

  3.  Forest Officer's Report defending Relocation of Turtle Sanctuary, highlighting illegal encroachment by pucca ghats at Varanasi, January, 2015 Download
  4. Terms of Reference (ToR) for Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for ‘Capacity augmentation of navigational infrastructure of National Waterway-1’ between Haldia to Allahabad (Jal Marg Vikas Project) [Uploaded on this website on 24th August, 2015]  Download 

  5. Terms of Reference for "IWT Sector Development Strategy and Business Development Study for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterway-1 from Haldia to Allahabad” (Jal Marg Vikas) [Uploaded on this website on 24th August, 2015]  Download 

  6. IIT Consortium Report on Assessment of E-Flow of River Ganga in Upper Segment, December, 2014 Download
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